How does it work?

Poppy facilitates a fully integrated retail experience to the Blockchain at a click of a button. Retailers wishing to process digital payments using Poppy can effortlessly do so by simply installing the Poppy app to the point of sale hardware, effectively lowering the barrier to entry.



Troncard is a secure card wallet designed to interface with Poppy. It facilitates digital payments at the point of sale with an easy to use, familiar payment method.


Poppy offers an agile, integrated, and dynamic alternative to traditional payment systems, while delivering a recognizable retail experience to customers.


Poppy will debut at its first pop-up event in San Francisco, CA on January 17-18, 2019. This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to use Poppy for retail purchases. There will also be demonstrations of its integration with Troncard.

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Poppy is designed to bridge fiat and digital payments utilizing the Blockchain with support for Visa, Mastercard and cash payments. Its innovative utilization of the Blockchain, modern point of sale systems, and Troncard gives retailers the freedom to execute digital payment transactions quickly and efficiently.